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The Sun (2017)The sauce could be made while cooking something else. Times, Sunday Times (2016)My theory is that if it tastes good raw, it will taste good cooked. Times, Sunday Times (2016)They prepare freshly cooked dishes for a short, regularly changing menu.

Non occorre altro per chiarire come, dietro la melensa armonia di questo piccolo universo con il suo garbo e la sua alienante democraticità, si nasconda la sconfinata amarezza di Richard Brautigan verso l’ideologia di un presente che si vorrebbe scevro da ideologie, ma non può esserlo. “Zucchero di Cocomero” si candida così a essere una delle sue opere in assoluto più gelide e disperate, pur attraverso un superbo lavoro di dissimulazione: nera, senza suono e dal sapore (apparentemente) dolcissimo, come il sole e i cocomeri del giovedì. Una parabola che non offre spiegazioni per la propria insensatezza (un po’ come la prima parte del film “The Village”, sicuramente influenzato da questo libro) ma sorprendentemente funziona: invita a porsi delle domande e illustra, pur nella sua natura di specchio deformante, l’attualità, in maniera tanto più efficace quanto meno parrebbe somigliarle.

Brian Thompson DEVASTATING EDEN: The Search for Utopia in America (2004)Or perhaps our difficulty in conceiving leads us into foster care. Christianity Today (2000)Daughters of older mums are likely to have difficulty conceiving only as they themselves get older. Times, Sunday Times (2006)Could my difficulty conceiving be caused by the cyst? The Sun (2013)About one in six couples has difficulty conceiving.

Tottenham have taken a huge gamble with their new stadium. Not with the construction of the state of the art, 62,000 seater home, but with the pricing and allocation of season tickets. It is a gamble that, with no Premier League football to distract supporters’ attention during the international break, has been in danger of becoming a full on PR disaster..

After I graduated and after a period where I worked with independent labels in Berlin and gained first work experience I got a job offer to work for a Chinese company who at that time had 5 fashion brands. So I moved instantly Beijing and started a completely new life without knowing any Chinese. I didn’t plan to launch my label here or even having an own label at first.

Is finished! tetelestai, exactly as in v. 28, the perfect [tense] of a completed state, denotes an action brought to its termination, it is like a line that ends in a point Jesus speaks this word to his Father. He makes his report to the father who sent him.

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